GO-Day Celebration: Gross Output and GDP published on Same Day for the First Time

Dear friends, Good news!  For the first time, the federal government (BEA) has released the “top line” gross output (GO) at the same time as the “bottom line” GDP.  For years, publicly-traded companies have simultaneously posted the top line (sales/revenues) and the … Continued

GO Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in Macroeconomics

A Paper Presented to the Mont Pelerin Society Meetings on May 8, 2017, Seoul, Korea (anniversary of Friedrich Hayek’s birthday) by Mark Skousen Presidential Professor, Chapman University “Gross output [GO] is the natural measure of the production sector, while net … Continued

Don’t Worry about the U.S. Consumer

Take a look at today’s article about the U.S. consumer by Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Chicago:  https://www.ftportfolios.com/Commentary/EconomicResearch/2019/12/2/dont-worry-about-the-us-consumer He uses my gross output (GO) statistic to refute the myth that consumer spending drives the economy.  It’s a beautifully written … Continued

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