Mark Skousen’s Articles on Gross Output:


We’re Using The Wrong Measure (GDP) To Gauge The Economy’s Real Health

Steve Forbes interviews Mark Skousen about Gross Output on the Steve Forbes: What’s Next podcast


GO Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in Macroeconomics

Presented at the Mont Pelerin Society 2017 Regional Meeting in Seoul


“At Last, a Better Economic Measure”

Lead editorial published in the Wall Street Journal on April 23, 2014


“Beyond GDP: Get Ready For A New Way To Measure The Economy”

Published by Forbes Magazine on December 16, 2013


“Linking Austrian Economics to Keynesian Economics” 

Published in the Journal of Private Enterprise, Winter, 2015


“GO Beyond GDP – Introducing Gross Output as a Top-Line in National Income Accounting”

Published by the SWEDISH ENTREPRENEURSHIP FORUM in conjunction with Mark’s appearance as the featured speaker at the Swedish Schumpeter Lecture on October 3, 2017.


Gross Output